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Christian Fashion Week Prepares To Produce the Largest International Fashion Show in Tampa Bay for 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014 •
In Tampa Bay, there is no bigger fashion showcase than Christian Fashion Week. With over 17 international designers, over 50 models, and a talented staff of founders, team members, and volunteers, Christian Fashion Week 2014 continually sets the bar for the quality of production and high fashion style.
Christian Fashion Week Prepares To Produce the Largest International Fashion Show in Tampa Bay for 2014
On the weekend before New York Fashion Week, the Christian Fashion Week team will be kicking of the year with the largest planned fashion event in Tampa Bay of 2014. 17 international designers and over 50 models will be working together to showcase creative, yet modest fashion lines from around the world during Christian Fashion Week 2014's two-day finale. In its second year, Christian Fashion Week begins on Sunday, February 2nd with the International Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion, inviting all to pray for the success and blessing of inspiration over the world's art and fashion community. The week continues with styling workshops, fashion shopping, and a VIP celebration for all participants and VIP ticket holders. The final two nights at the Bayanihan Art and Events Center in Westchase will mark the event's second year with international designers, several returning designers, an original soundtrack, and a production laser focused on kicking off a new year of fashion.

"Last year, we had no way of knowing what type of support Christian Fashion Week would receive," commented Executive Director, Jose Gomez. "Because of the overwhelming support of an international community of men and women who are fans of modest fashion, we chose to take the risk on a week-long event. The results has been an electric, exciting feeling of anticipation, knowing that the stakes are high because we're holding the largest planned fashion show of the year in the Tampa Bay area. We believe it's worth it."

What is surprising is that the production will be held with only 55 volunteers, a staff of 6, and the four founders of Christian Fashion Week - Jose Gomez, Mayra Gomez, Tamy Lugo, and Wil Lugo. Last week, Gomez's blog article, titled "Bringing Sexy Back: The Place of Sex Appeal and Physical Attraction in the Christian Life", brought attention to the event, demonstrating that attendees should not expect a dull religious show.

Co-founder, Tamy Lugo added, "Christian Fashion Week is a not a 'church fashion show'. It's about high fashion from a perspective of creativity and modesty, exemplified by Christian values. Expect secular and Christian media, fashion industry professionals, and fans of fashion at our show. It's everything you will enjoy about New York Fashion Week - with an extra button and inch of extra fabric."

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