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International Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion

A Day of Prayer for Inspiration, Creativity, and Success on February 15, 2015

We are calling all those who would join us for a day of prayer for the art and fashion communities. We have such amazing talent and creativity represented in the fashion industry that our heart is to see its continued inspiration, creativity, and success. We know that there are excesses and negative aspects to every industry to pray against, but this day of prayer is directed towards the positive elements within the industry that contribute to a fun, happy, healthy, and fulfilling life, especially when those activities point us to God. It's a time to pray for others. It's a prayer for our artistic expression to become God's own tool of expression.

Who We Are Actively Praying For

Christian Fashion Week actively prays for:

  • The success of the other fashion weeks of the world
  • Continued innovation by the world's major fashion brands
  • Success of talented up-and-coming fashion designers and industry professionals
  • Our local designers in Tampa Bay and in other major cities
  • Reform in worldwide textile manufacturing practices that promote child and slave labor
  • For modest fashion consumers to become a recognized market segment for the fashion industry

How To Participate

Tell us that you'll be joining us in prayer on Sunday, February 15, 2015 by filling out the form below. We'll list your family, company, or ministry on our website so that others will know you are part of the movement.
Organization/Family Name
First Name
Last Name
State / Province
Zip / Postal Code
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Website Address
Tell us what you will be primarily praying for in regards to the art and fashion communities.
By agreeing to be a part of the National Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion, you are agreeing to pray for the art and fashion industries on Sunday, February 2, 2014. Encourage others to join you and send them to this page to let us know they are part of the movement.
I understand the above and agree

What Others Prayed For In 2014

Silva Emerian (On My Shoebox)
"God is mighty in His love and constantly moving in His beautiful creation. I pray that His Holy Spirit would stir in the hearts of those in the art and fashion communities. That He would be the driving force and inspiration for their work. That He would keep the devil's forces down and open window after window of opportunity for His beloved children to glorify Him in this world. That we would be the light to those who are still in darkness. That Christian Fashion Week would catch the attention of those outside of our immediate circles and be a worldwide movement. That immoral and unethical practices would cease in the art and fashion communities. That the men and women involved in front of and behind the cameras would know their worth is not measured by the world's standards, but that they are whole and complete and loved in the eyes of their Creator. And that we are each a masterpiece of His hands."

Laura Johnson
"For the Light of Jesus to shine on the good in art and fashion and that those creations that point to Him would be clearly seen. And the negative out there would not."
Star Hawks (Creative Kingdom Expression Memphis)
"I just pray right now for more artists and designers to enter into deeper intimacy w Papa God! Tht we would tap into Heaven & release it on earth! That we would learn to co-create w the Creator of the universe! That we would really understand what it means to be in the world but not of it! That we would represent purity & holiness in our industry! I pray that our creations would be anointed and heal people bc we're carriers of the Presence of God! I pray that we would not fall under "it's all already been done" but tap into God is always doing something NEW! I pray for Christians to set the standard & inspire the world! I pray for creative downloads that would inspire others an bring people into a relationship w Jesus! I pray that the Glory of God be revealed through us!!! That we would yield our lives for him to live His dream through us! It's so much bigger than we could ever think or imagine. Yay God!"
Jack Hall (Parentguide Media )
"My prayer is that the true follower of Christ in this industry stand up and be counted for their gift and talent that God has given them and not to limit their "own understanding" and to lean into  God the Father for direction, ideas as a light and not just be a follower but a true pioneer of the arts, design and fashion industry!"
Val Demi (Worship Team Musician)
"Every good & perfect gift comes from God - that's what James 1:17 speaks of. So in thanking Him for the talent of great design, people are pointed to Him. To publicly declare this is a wonderful thing! I will pray for proper influence and good role models for our youth - and the clothing designs to back it up. Also for God to come first for Christian artists/designers with the result of becoming salt & light in their respective industries. (I am inspired to start designing again)"
Nereida The MakeUp Artist
"I am praying that The Lord will continue to bless each and every talented individual during CFW, and that he/she may continue to grow as an Artist/Designer and use his/her talent for The Lord. I'm praying that people's hearts and minds will open, so that they may understand the point of view of all of those involved in CFW. I am also praying that a modest point of view on fashion revolutionizes the industry in such a manner that thr impact of CFW becomes so obvious to people around world for generations to come! "
Break All Chains Corporation (Marcey  Chambers)
"We as a country and people can come together in unity and in love as the Lord 's final commandment to "Love One Another."
Kelisa Maxwell and Family
"Reform in worldwide textile manufacturing practices that promote child and slave labor Success of talented up-and-coming fashion designers and industry professionals Our local designers in Tampa Bay and in other major cities For modest fashion consumers to become a recognized market segment for the fashion industry The success of the other fashion weeks of the world Continued innovation by the world's major fashion brands"
Diva Designs Makeup (Neva Durham)
"I am praying for open minds and hearts during Christian Fashion Week, to not pre judge based on the worlds bias or views of Christianity. To show the world, that fashion can be modest yet fun, to teach younger generation that fashion doesnt have to be a size 1 or show every body part to be accepted. That God loves us for who we are and right where we are, not for who we pretend to be."
Esther Wisdom (Ann Wilson)
"Praying that God call the Elijah Revolutionists to be raised up to take the mountain of Celebration of Arts/Fashion. This mountain currently releases a dark and decadent pop culture- that God will release the Elijah Revolution tsunami onto this mountain. Celebration of Arts/Fashion will prophesy of God and to this culture. That God will reveal and release fresh and creative sounds, pictures and styles that the world can ultimately be in awe of. Praying that this mountain be captured by the hearts of youth where the enemy has been able to corrupt and thwart the destiny of entire generations. Praying for success of talented up and coming Christian fashion designers and industry professionals Praying for reform in worldwide textile manufacturing practices that promote child and slave labour."
Divine Voices World Ministries (Pastor Sonja Elise Freeman)
"I will be praying in the fashion communities for more fashion designers to create more creative, vivid, and chic fashions for plus size women worldwide for all ages!!!"

ONE Throne Apparel (Sarah  Davis)
"We are a brand new urban Christian clothing brand that launched last year. Our aim is simple - creating fashionable Christian wear that glorifies the lord and sends positive messages to the masses. Urban, stylish Chritian clothing is a very under-served market and goal is to bridge the gap and give young adults stylish clothing that also allows them to share their faith while on the go! We will be praying for God to open doors for other aspiring Christian clothiing, fashion businesses to prosper in the new year and for more opportunities like the Christian Fashion Week to take off! and most importantly that God be glorified in each of our business practice and purpose! I am excited to come be a apart, so thank you for this opportunity!"

Exquiste Marketing (Deia Williams)
"We will be praying for unity when it comes to modesty in the art and fashion community."

Beauty Talk Illustrated Magazine (Ida Walker)
"Our team will pray that God will be glorified in all Christian Fashion Week events.  We pray for your accomplishment in the world of fashion so God's message of love will hit a broader stage.  We pray that God uses CFW as an open door freeing any child afflicted by slave labor or trade.  In the name of our sweet Jesus, Amen, Amen, Amen."

K'ryn (Karen Grant)
"Success of talented up-and-coming fashion designers and industry professional."

Anointed 4Glamour (Monica Mackey)
"I stand in agreement with the other prayer points and I am praying that the marketplace be invaded with the glory of God. That his presence be felt from start to finish. From the back stage to on stage, throughout the makeup artists, models, designers and participants. That people will be accepting of new and innovative creative designs through art and fashion and that they remember that all things are possible to them that believe. "

Christi Ogu Photography and Design (Christi Ogu)
"The specific areas that I will be primarily praying for in regards to the art and fashion communities would focus on the areas of deliverance and restoration where both affiliated members (or aspiring professionals) belonging to these industries may encounter life-changing experiences and develop personal relationships with God in hopes that the Holy Spirit will continue to lead them in their individual and group decision-makingsâ?"whether that be business practices, design processes, or life in general?"whereby ultimately leaving a positive impact. 'Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.' Colossians 3:12"

The Rev. Tracy Asbury
"In agreement with the mission and purpose.  I believe the change in our lives from worldly to saved through Jesus Christ should also be reflected in our outward appearance as ladies and gentlemen."

Anointed Apparel (Jackee Grant)
"first and foremost ill be praying that god continues to give me favor over my business as well as other businesses. also that god makes this years fashion week better than ever. I'm praying that he helps each business to patronize during fashion week. most of all I'm praying that god continues to bless our businesses so we may build the kingdom, and keep our creativeness flowing and that we stay humble and not lose sight on the vision god has given us. I will be attending fashion week as an exhibitor so I would love to actually be involved physically on this day of prayer."

A Mother's Maternity and More (Isela E Gibbs)
"I am praying for the logistical and technical aspects of the show, for renewed minds of all involved in the show and those attending, during and after. That CFW will play a huge roll in accessing and influencing the hearts of young women everywhere, that the influence of the world will not be what steers them into  anything less than what God has purposed for their precious lives. Lord, hear my prayer and those of so many. In Jesus Name,  AMEN!"

Journalist Aubrey Jackson
"I pray that the event is successful and inspiring. I pray that those in media covering the event will be encouraged and creatively intrigued, so that all will be able to share the talents displayed at the show with others. I pray that the world and other media outlets can see the power and positive message of Christian Fashion Week. I pray for a great event and I pray for favor over all of those involved in the event and that attendee's enjoy the event as well."

What's More Important Than Fashion? (Genelle Frazier)
"I will be praying for the success of Fashion week all over the world and the voice and business of Fashion Bloggers and the growth of the Fashion Blog sector of the Fashion Industry for my blog and all bloggers."

Sarah Burnett and Family
"I will be praying for the transformation of the mind of fellow Christians and us as a whole to come to an understanding of the difference between being fashionably modest with keeping fashion in its place of priorities, and mistakingly taking fashion as what makes us who we are.  With us understanding fashion as a way we can express ourselves, as the Christians we are, instead of trying to use fashion to make us who we are and therefore falling into the mindset of negative self-images."

Radiantly Purposed (Jeanna Bruce)
"I am thrilled to be able to join your team in a day of prayer on February 2nd for the world of fashion. It is important that we unite as believers in the body of Christ to speak great things over the designers that make these beautiful creations for men and women. We want these designers to sense that they have an incredible gift from God to make us women and men feel like a million bucks in their originations. These talented individuals should be covered in prayer not only on this day but in days to come that they will allow God to use them in a way that will bring glory to His name. I pray that they never think that their efforts or time go unnoticed, for there is purpose in what they bring to us consumers."

Barbara Lisnic

"I am Barbara Lisnic from Croatia and i am fashion designer. I am praying for all fashon and art workers,that their work and gift became on services to God.That thay realises that everything and every creativity we are riciving from God, our father who created everything. I will also pray for dignity of womens and young models who are abused in every way and on the right way to beceome sik young peole. I will pray for beauty of Gods children because we are very beautifull inside, and from that beauty comes everything. I will pray for the human body because it is used in wrong way. I will pray for all fashon world because we can be in all countrys God´s fashion world. "

Cafe S.O.U.L. (Janne't Brown)
"Cafe S.O.U.L. will be praying continual for the artists/designers to seek inspiration in the elements that surround them, and consumers seek new ways to express themselves. Clothing is the  primary vehicle for ''self-expression''.  This medium demonstrates creativity and individuality by revealing a bit our your personality. Peace and Blessings..."

Aura Clothing (Ronnisha Tolefree)
:I would like for you to pray for aura clothing and that we see success in the fashion industry. I'm believing that God's will be done; and that he gives favor with my clothing in entering a very secular industry."

ATV LLC (Adriana Silveira)
"For Fashion Designers , buyers, and Fashion Models. For ideas that God will give to touch peoples lives and expand His kingdom. For Victory over the enemy. For the economical advance that will happen and all the organizations and missions fields that will also benefit from the great results Christian Fashion Week will have. For the union and love, humility  of all fashion designers and models. For their submission towards the Spirit of God and the willingness to serve and love one another."

Chalye Ellite MTA (J'Que Ellis)
"We will be praying that God may increase His presence in the industry for believers and non believers."

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