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Affordable, Sustainable Fashion

Over 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 per day. For this majority segment, purchasing clothing, especially high fashion, is prohibitive. Disposable clothing is not a viable option, making the need for long-lasting, quality garments an important focus for those in the fashion industry most interested in making a global impact.

Christian Fashion Week seeks to promote the idea of:

  • Affordable clothing: Fashions designed and manufactured for a low price point and high durability.
  • Sustainable fashion: The creation of products with consideration to the environmental and social impact.

If designers and manufacturers create fashion with affordability and sustainability in mind, the impact to this world can be substantial. But, it requires a change of mindset and focus. Currently, the fashion industry is controlled by a handful of brands and manufacturing resources that manipulate the worldwide distribution of and profits from the sale of clothing. As in any industry, decentralizing control, distribution of revenue, and support of an independent fashion and manufacturing market must be established. In this way, profits generated from the creation and sale of quality clothing can sustain more businesses with less revenue, driven by social entrepreneurs who control costs and quality using strict guidelines and shrewd business practices.

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Photo Courtesy of Michal Szymanski / Shutterstock.com


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