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Christian Fashion Week Alumni

Support the designers who accepted the challenge to design modest clothing lines.


Narrowgate Limited
"We're delighted to be involved with Christian Fashion Week. We believe that this event marks a new era for the fashion industry, and that the light of the Gospel can truly bring a redeeming influence".
"I've always had a love for clothes because it's a perfect way to express personality."
"I am inspired chiefly by nature, God's own art - by unconventional materials and textures - by the strength of my own emotions. To establish a fashion house of my own would be the fulfillment of my dreams."
Essence Flowers Designs
A native of Haines City, Florida, now residing in the Tampa area, fashion designer Essence Flowers is making a name for herself with her breathtaking style.
EJ Fashion and Design, Inc.
"Being a fashion designer means you are responsible not just for the clothes but for the message you are conveying with the clothes."
Medi (pronounced Med-eye)
"Medi is redefining the matronly and outdated concept of women's suiting by providing intelligently priced luxury coordinates with a modern sensibility. Our brand represents a sophisticated and sometimes unexpected marriage of coordinates."
Elegantees/ www.elegantees.com
"Elegantees are sewn to restore. To restore the purity and modesty our culture is depleted of, and to restore the lives of women rescued from sex trafficking".
"Fashion can be used as a ministry tool."

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