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It's Time To Buy Your Tickets To Christian Fashion Week 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 •
Our 30% off special for Christian Fashion Week 2014 General Admission and VIP tickets ends at midnight 12/31/2013. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an tremendous discount and a FREE bonus just for reserving your spot today!
It's Time To Buy Your Tickets To Christian Fashion Week 2014

Today, New Year's Eve, we are exactly 33 days from the beginning of Christian Fashion Week 2014. The year has flown by and it seems like only yesterday since our last show. But, this year is going to be so much bigger and better, with 17 designers showcasing on the last two days of a full week of modest fashion. The support and excitement we are experiencing is electric!

But, if there is one thing that I could change, it would be the expectation that guests for this year's show have that tickets will be available when they come to the door. In Tampa, we typically wait until the very last minute to purchase tickets, which makes running fashions such a risk for the producers of the event. So, in efforts to reward attendees for pre-purchasing their tickets early on, we've extended a 30% discount that ends TONIGHT. Although we have a fair of amount of seats have already been purchased at this amazing discount, I know many of you that are coming but have not yet purchased.

So, with just 12 hours left before our early bird discount goes away forever, I am encouraging you to consider reserving your seats today. A two-day pass to our Friday and Saturday show is only $75 today, but it will go up to $90 after midnight, and $110 at the door. For those who want preferred seating, distinguished treatment, and an extra Thursday night VIP party, VIP tickets are $105 until midnight, when they increase to $120 and then $150 at the door. Do you see why it's best to buy them today?

Also know that by pre-purchasing your ticket, you are helping to make our event significantly more successful. Advanced ticket purchases enable us as event organizers to focus on the things that truly matter - exposure for the fashion designers, a dazzling production, and an unforgettable experience for our guests. If you wait, not only do you run the risk that your seat will be taken, but our focus is split between creating a spectacular event and promoting the show to sell more tickets.

We've even gone the extra mile to negotiate with a local Marriot Counrtyard just a few miles down the road from the venue to provide you with a special $109 per night rate, complete with shuttle to and from the event! For those of you who will need this, please note that you must book your room no later than 1/17/14 to get this rate.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. This coming week, the models will be announced, the designers are booking their flights, and hotel rooms are being reserved. We're preparing for the largest showcase of modest fashions ever produced - and you have a front row seat to the party!

Buy your tickets today by going to:


Book your hotel today by going to:


As an added bonus, everyone who has purchases tickets before midnight tonight will receive a FREE professional photograph of you and your guests to commemorate your attendance at our 2014 showcase. This is a $99 value you get for FREE on top of the 30% discount just by purchasing your tickets today! Don't wait until the last minute. Can I save your seat?

Joy, love, and blessings in 2014 for you and your family,

Jose Gomez, Jr.
Executive Director, Christian Fashion Week

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