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Zondervan Publishing Partners With Christian Fashion Week to Showcase 17 Modest Designer Collections In 2014

Thursday, November 14, 2013 •
For the second year in a row, Christian Fashion Week is proud to announce that Zondervan Publishing has become a major sponsor for our 2014 event. We are excited by our continued partnership with Zondervan and the support they have extended to our annual event.

Christian Fashion Week announced this week that international Christian media and publishing company, Zondervan Publishing , has become an official sponsor of the first Fashion Week for the Christian community in history. The event, which will showcase 17 modest clothing lines from international fashion designers, will be held in Tampa, Florida on the last two days of a week-long event starting on February 2 to February 8, 2014. Zondervan Publishing has stepped forward as a significant sponsor, partnering with the group to make a statement that modesty in fashion has a place in today's culture and marketplace.

"It is an honor to receive such acknowledgement from one of the world's most prominent Christian brands, " commented Jose Gomez, co-founder of Christian Fashion Week and president of The Fashion Industry Association. "The mission of Zondervan Publishing, to exalt Christ through excellence in publishing, is a shining example of what we want to accomplish in the fashion world. Modesty in fashion allows designers to focus on what covers our bodies, enables men and women to represent themselves with dignity, and ultimately exalts the values and ideals of the Christian worldview. It's not about being sheltered or embarrassed. It is about knowing who we live for and how that should be best represented."

About Christian Fashion Week

The mission of Christian Fashion Week is to create a series of fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion from a Christian worldview, reflecting common values such as modesty, boldness, and integrity. While the organization acknowledges that these values are not exclusively Christian, their faith is a unifying factor for these ideals, and a viable marketplace for fashion designers who believe in them, regardless of faith. It aims to create a forum for fashion designers and industry professionals to network and increase awareness of a values-based fashion industry that has always taken a back seat to the world's more risqué sense of style. Christian Fashion Week is a mission to stand for dignity on behalf of modest fashion consumers.

Zondervan Publishing, a company of Harper Collins Publishers, is an international Christian media and publishing company. The company has a team of more than 350 employees with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Miami, Florida. Zondervan authors number more than 1,500 and include America's most respected pastors, influential leaders, renowned authors, and emerging voices. The company's resources are sold worldwide through retail stores online, and by Zondervan ChurchSource - serving over 400,000 church leaders - and are translated into nearly 200 languages in more than 60 countries. Zondervan has been named Supplier of the Year by the Christian Bookseller's Association (CBA) seven times.

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