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Christian Fashion Week Challenges Fashion Designers To Create Modest Lines for the Everyday Woman

Friday, August 23, 2013 • Christian Fashion Week
It doesn't have to be risqué to be fashionable. Christian Fashion Week announces its challenge and call to fashion designers all over the world to create modest clothing lines and showcase them on February of 2014 in Tampa, Florida. 16 designers will be chosen and their entrance fees sponsored.
Christian Fashion Week Challenges Fashion Designers To Create Modest Lines for the Everyday Woman

Last February, Christian Fashion Week made history by showcasing eight designer lines centered around the theme of modesty. What many expected to be a "church show" turned out to be a New York style fashion show that sent ripples through the Christian and Fashion communities.  The group is now preparing for an entire week of fashion in February of 2014, aiming for 16 designers who will rise up to the challenge of pushing their creative talent within the construct of modesty from a Christian perspective.

"We are looking for designers who want to challenge themselves to create art without the crutch of sexuality," commented Jose Gomez, Executive Director of Christian Fashion Week. "We fully understand that sex sells. But, for the everyday woman, sexuality is not the dominant quality she wants to exhibit. She is a force to be reckoned with beyond the visuals of her anatomy. She is fierce and demands attention with her strength, intelligence, and grace. Now, THAT is sexy."

Christian Fashion Week has also announced that all 16 designer spots have been sponsored by the four companies of its founders - NetMinistry, TruModel, VStylist, and Tampa Headshots. Each company will sponsor the entrance fee for four designers, removing the normal budgetary constraint for designers to participate in fashion shows.

"We felt that talented designers should know how much we believe in them," said Tamy Lugo, co-founder of Christian Fashion Week and president of VStylist. "The designers ARE the show."

Christian Fashion Week is now accepting designer applications for its 2014 showcase. Fashion designers interested in participating should visit http://www.christianfashionweek.com/For-Fashion-Designers and apply online. The organization will be choosing its designers from among the applicants and announcing them on the website by October 1. Designers will be chosen based on the quality of their designs, references, and overall professionalism.

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