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Christian Fashion Week Announces the Availability of Title Sponsorship for 2014 Showcase

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 •
We've opened up to the most significant partnership opportunity we've ever considered. Our new Title Sponsorship gives a brand the opportunity to have their name prominently above our logo for the entire length of time leading up to our next event! Christian Fashion Week 2014 will be "presented by" that title sponsor. We do all the work - you get all the credit. We don't mind as long as the event is a success!
Christian Fashion Week Announces the Availability of Title Sponsorship for 2014 Showcase
Christian Fashion Week, a showcase of modest fashion lines celebrated from February 2 through 8, has announced the availability of a title sponsorship for 2014. The opportunity was created with hopes for a major brand to affiliate itself with the event that produced international buzz last February. Although the sponsorship is open to any company sharing a passion for modest fashion, the most likely candidates for a "presented by" spot on the marquee will be a Christian retail chain, publisher, or media company. The organization is in talks with several companies about the opportunity and hopes to solidify funding by the end of August.

"We made a decision to share the title in hopes that a strong value-based brand will partner with us to make a statement to the world," said Jose Gomez, Executive Director of Christian Fashion Week. "The statement is simple - there is a market for modest fashion lines and women all over the world are asking for it."

The sponsorship includes all of the usual perks of sponsorship, including exposure on the Christian Fashion Week website, materials, and press releases. But, most significantly, it includes the right for the sponsoring brand to claim that the event was "presented by" them. For the international exposure over the next six months leading up to and throughout the week of modest fashion, the proud sponsor can expect to pay $25,000. However, lower costs sponsorships are available on the organization's website.

"This year's production is going to be a celebration," said the excited Executive Producer, Wil Lugo. "Our sponsors are the lifeblood of a production as ambitious as this year's show will be. We are moving in faith, knowing that they will show up and help us make a mark on the fashion industry."

Information about the title sponsorship and other levels of partnership with Christian Fashion Week can be found by going to:

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